EU should get directly elected president, Juncker says


The president of the European Commision   should be directly elected by the voters of Europe, the position’s incumbent has said.

The proposal comes as the EU thinks about its future in light of the  Uk`s departure  and brings forward constitutional reforms. The Commission on Wednesday also hinted that it would support new rules to withhold EU funding from countries that do not adhere to European values – such as Poland.

“Whenever we talk about the EU institutions there is the problem that perhaps the EU citizens aren’t that interested by the word ‘institutions’. 

“And that the Commission president, perhaps along with the Council president, will be elected by direct vote. I don’t think I will see this change happen in my mandate as president but that is the long-term perspective.”

“But we do like dreamers, and my dream is that within the foreseeable future we will be able to ensure that we have a bicameral system in Europe – the Council of member states and the European Parliament. 

Mr Juncker repeated his suggestion of merging the Council and Commission presidencies, which he first broached in his state of the union address last autumn. He argued that the split between the two jobs could cause problems in future were the two incumbents ever at odds.