Murad shah says Sindh govt to present budget for only three months


KARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh syed Murad Ali Shah said on Wednesday that the budget for 2018-19 would be limited to three months only and the next government could bring changes in view of its priorities after the general elections. The CM said this while talking to reporters after inaugurating the China-Pakistan Skilled and Technical Education International Conference here.He, however, said that allocations for development and non-development expenditures, including salaries, would be made for the whole financial year in the budget, but the authentication to utilise it would only be given by the Sindh Assembly up to September.Elaborating on the new budget strategy, he said there would be two parts of the budget, which he said would be presented in the Sindh Assembly on May 5.The first part would be supplementary which deals with the expenditures of the current financial year.“Normally, the assembly passes the grants and if the amount of the grants exceeds the approved budget the sitting government is responsible to get them approved from the assembly before the end of June,” the CM said, adding that his government would present the supplementary budget in the assembly.“Similarly, we will allocate budget for the ongoing development schemes for the whole financial year 2018-19 so that the schemes could be completed, but again, the authentication for their utilisation will be made only for three months, up to September only,” he said.The CM added that it would help the next government to make budgetary changes in accordance with its priorities.