Rural Development (Crunches and Elucidations)


Rural Development refers to process of improving or uplifting the living conditions of the people living in rural areas. Pakistan is basically an agricultural country where a major portion (about 67%) of the population lives in the rural areas (villages). Therefore, it is in the heart of the villages that the nation lives. Indeed, “the soul of Our state is in the toil of the rural areas”. The welfare of Our country depends upon the prosperity of the villages.

Undoubtedly ! It’s been a long time since our independence, the conditions of the villages have normally been  improved. Even though the writer belongs to the rural area of SINDH (Jacobabad). After a lot of surveys & inquiries he has observed that The problems of rural areas are many and various.

Most of the villages have no basic amenities like good roads, schools and hospitals. In many villages the school buildings are missing basic facilities like teacher, furniture, Toilets, Electricity and Clean water.

It is Very sad to write that The condition of schools in rural areas is not satisfactory. The very interesting thing is that the villagers don’t understand the importance of education. Although, A large number of children are engaged in economic activities, mainly agriculture. People living in rural areas are looking for good health dispensaries, Clean water and Sanitation and A huge figure of opportunities for provision of basic necessities.

In mean time the Education of the masses is become mandatory in rural areas. Meanwhile, the people in fifth figures demand the improvement of sanitation. Although, The rest of the people living in Tharparkar, Sanghar, Jacobabad, Mirpurkhas, Shikarpur and in different districts are worried about  provisions of cheap medical aid.

Construction of sustainable roads is highly needed. Provision of All basic facilities (food ,  shelter, Clothing, Employment, Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, Business Opportunities, Agricultural tools and many more) is urged to fulfill.

In this regard, Educated people should go to the villages and settle there. Mass education should be introduced to remove the ignorance of the villagers. It should be made both compulsory and free. Part time opportunities should be set up for the adults to teach them elementary Hygiene and scientific methods of cultivation.

Arrangements should be made for supply of pure and clean drinking water on a large scale. 
Tube-wells should be sunk, new wells and ponds should be dug.

Every village should be equipped with a hospital and a charitable dispensary for providing proper medical aid to the villagers.

Roads and other means of communication in the rural areas should be improved. The government should teach the farmers scientific methods of cultivation and supply them with implements of agriculture.

Co-operative Credit Societies should be set up to advance loans to the peasants. Cottage industries should receive encouragement. Educational films And documentaries should be exhibited.

Top class libraries should be provided in every village. In this way, each village should be developed into a self-sufficient unit.
All the more,  It would be a happy sign if our government will do its best & take some positive stance to improve the condition of the villages through various schemes of rural uplift.

School, College and University students can do a lot of work for rural development. If the Educational institutes guide them in a proper way. A Part from that The stake holders, Policy makers, village Panchayat, NGOs  and the Co-operative Credit Societies can bring a big change in rural areas & which are no doubt important factors in this respect.  

For the Elucidations, intelligent guidance of both the government and the people is needed. these will strengthen rural economy and make our rural areas (villages) not only habitable but also attractive and prosperous.