Jumatul Wida being observed today with religious zeal, fervor


Jumatul Wida, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramazan is being observed today with religious zeal and fervor across the country.

Millions of fasting people will offer Friday prayers at mosques. Special prayers will be offered for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and the unity of Muslim Ummah.

Ulema and Mashaikh, in their special sermons, will highlight importance of the holy month of Ramazan, fasting, Itikaf and Juma-tul-Wida.

In the federal capital, the biggest gathering of Juma-tul Wida will be held at Faisal Mosque.

Jumatul-Wida has a special significance since it is a prelude to the departure of holy month of Ramazan.

Meanwhile, protest rallies will be taken out in different parts of the country in connection with Al-Quds Day to condemn Israeli atrocities on unarmed innocent people in Palestine and for early liberation of Palestinians from Israeli yoke.