Civil Society, Citizen Alliance leaders express confidence on SU VC leadership


JAMSHORO: The leaders of civil society and citizen alliance of Jamshoro & Kotri on Wednesday reposing full confidence in the dynamic leadership of vice-chancellor of Sindh University Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, have expressed hope that the University of Sindh will rapidly be advancing to the heights and new avenues of success as it has done with the development and progress in the last two years after the reforms were introduced and implemented.

They warned the Anti-University elements of staying away from hatching the conspiracies to tarnish the image of the alma mater and defame the name & fame of vice chancellor otherwise they threatened to knock at the door of court against them.

This they said while speaking at a meeting with the vice chancellor Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat who called upon him to express their solidarity.

Led by Roshan Birhmani, Sharif Abro and Sagar Almani, the 16-member delegation of civil society and citizen alliance consisted of Comrade Soomar Jamali, Irfan Burfat, Abdul Nabi Birhmani, Mushtaque Chandio, Bahar Bothrai, Zulfiqar Mirani, Khawasti Khan Brohi, Haji Khan Gopang, Altaf Hussain Khoso, Danish Manzoor Thaheem, Muhammad Ramzan Khushk, Haji Wahid Bux Bhalai decorated the vice chancellor with Sindhi ajrak and garlands and congratulated him on his reinstatement as VC Sindh University.

Speaking on the occasion, Roshan Birhmani said that Dr. Burfat had been taking efforts to bring SU at par with other developed varsities of Pakistan and was extremely sincere with the Alma Mater but he said he did not know as to why an earnest person was not acceptable to some elements hatching conspiracies from at campus and some officers of Sindh government who were involved in all the episode and recent development.

He said SU is his own university as 32 thousand sons and daughters are getting higher education adding that nobody will be allowed to tarnish the image of the university for their petty and vested interests.

“We are ready to respond forcefully if the leaders of any welfare associations resorted to leveling allegations against the vice chancellor; we are with him only because he has promoted merit, justice and impartiality on the campus”, he said.

Talking on the reforms introduced by the vice chancellor during last two years, Birhmani said that Dr. Burfat had renovated the roads of the university, made results online, computerized admission system, developed research culture, ameliorated the plight of hostels and ensured plantation in a bid to make the varsity as “Green University”.

Citizen Alliance leader Sagar Almani lauded the services of Dr. Burfat and said that it was an illegal act of the secretary Universities & Boards and a deputy director of anti corruption establishment to launch inquiries against a grade 22 vice chancellor after misguiding the SU chancellor and chief minister of Sindh.

“The prestige, esteem and standing of the post of VC can never be compromised. World has developed to a great extent owing to respecting teachers and their leaders but the reason of our downfall in every field is only this that we do not respect our teachers, professors and VCs”, he said.

He said a delegation of Jamshoro & Kotri civil society and citizen alliance will soon call on the chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and apprised him of the entire situation including those propagating and leveling allegations against the SU VC for their petty and personal interests.

Irfan Burfat said that the environment of girls’ hostels had been made safe & sound and secure by the vice chancellor and the girl students were seeking the education in an excellent way adding that the sudden change of industrious vice chancellor will discourage all those VCs who had been working on the pattern of Dr. Burfat to bring their universities on the path of progress.

He further said Dr. Burfat was rendering his services to uplift the image of the university as per vision and mission of Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and it was also the dream of prevailing CM Sindh to standardize the education and research at SU which was being done on the campus in befitting manner.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Burfat on the occasion said that there was a great status of the post of vice chancellor across the world but in Sindh province everyone notices that how a grade 20 secretary and a grade 18 ACE deputy director transgressed their limits and tried to defame a vice chancellor by illegally suspending him.

He said that both the officers misguided the chancellor of Sindh University and chief minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah and took illegitimate action against him on the basis of mere allegations and unauthentic & counterfeit news published in the newspapers from time to time.

“CM Sindh is respectable for me, I can never even think of having differences with him, whenever he ordered, I will be complying it in no time”, said Dr. Burfat.

He invited the leaders of civil society to investigate the allegations regarding recruitments, corruption and embezzlement in funds at their own and said that he will be ready for every kind of punishment, if found involved in such activities.

“I neither appointed any of my relatives at the university, nor did I remain involved in any corruption, civil society activist can enquire about it from their own sources; baseless allegations will nip in the bud in the court of law Insha Allah,” he established.