Message of Ambassador Raja Ali Ejaz on Defence Day of Pakistan

Message of Ambassador Raja Ali Ejaz  on Defence Day of Pakistan:
It gives me immense pleasure to extend congratulations to fellow Pakistanis living home and in Saudi Arabia on the 54th Defence Day of Pakistan. Defence Day reminds us of the unwavering resolve and matchless sacrifices of our gallant men to defend the motherland against any aggression. It is the day we pay tribute to our Martyrs who etched a golden leaf in our history of  tenacity,  courage and supreme sacrifice.
 We are indeed happy to celebrate the occasion with our Saudi brothers . Pakistanis consider Saudi Arabia their second home and this holy land has a special place in the hearts of every Pakistani. Our brotherly relations is the  manifestation of the mutual  love and respect between
 people  of both countries.
 Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have always stood by each other and the cooperation is on rise in every field including  defence. Pakistan looks forward to enhanced defence cooperation under the auspices of Saudi Vision 2030.
On this day, we can’t forget the sacrifices rendered by the people of the occupied Kashmir who are subject to injustice and atrocities for the past seven decades. Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of the partition in the Sub-continent and Kashmiris have been promised right of Self determination by United Nations. Enduring peace in the region is not possible without a just resolution of the Kashmir conflict. The time has come that the Kashmir issue should be resolved in line with the aspirations of its people as per the UN Resolutions.
 May Allah bless Pakistan and Saudi Arabia with lasting peace and prosperity in times ahead. 
Long Live Pakistan
Long Live Saudi Arabia
Long Live Pakistan Saudi Arabia Friendship