Ah! The Justice

The honorable Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa once said, ” justice is blind not the judge” or words to that effect.
I am at a loss to understand his sermon. Either the ground reality is not known, which I doubt be the case, or is it a classic case of turning the head the other side.
Me Lord please pardon me for mustering the strength to write on this very touchy subject.
Islamabad High Court granted bail. Were the grounds for bail existed? Can someone explain the reason for binding the government to give an affidavit that the accused would not pass away by 29 October 2019. May I ask the honorable judge to give me assurance that he will not die by a given time? May I say it is absurd. Was it planned that way to facilitate the bail or what else was the reason for such an order? I know the judges are honorable.
There are tens of thousands of prisoners languishing in the jails. There are many suffering with life threatening desease. They are not entitled to such a luxury provided to the so-called leaders convicted on almost the same sort of crimes. These honorable criminals are looked after in the jails as they are on a state visit.
Me Lord a subordinate of yours was so over zealous to impart justice even on Saturday. He kept on insisting that he did not want to hear any argument but the answer should only be in ‘no’ or ‘yes’. Should he be commended or reprimanded?  You must be aware of the press talk by Mr Anwar Mansoor, the Advocate General. He has raised serious doubts on the whole process of judgement. Me Lord is there anyone or any forum to take cognizance of such shady decisions?
Our hallmark as Muslim has always been justice. History is replete with examples where senior most functionary of the government was summoned by the court and justice imparted. History is also replete with the examples that the down fall of dynasties took place when Justice was made subservient to the needs of the powerful or rich or both. I do not feel small by quoting countries like Bangladesh where the court sent to the gallows sixteen culprits who raped and killed a girl. I know their courts had also hung the innocent citizens just on the pretext of supporters of Pakistan during their war of independence, which is really deplorable. In China the Justice is ruthless when it comes to deal with the shoddy characters. Developed countries vouch on their judicial system. Me Lord you have introduced the speedy justice courts and video link hearing of the cases. It is indeed commendable. But, please do something to weed out the people who belittle the repute of judiciary. Your Judicial Council is not producing the desired results. Me Lord immediate and effective system is required to launder your dirty linen. Me Lord this is the fit case of somoto action. Do not look towards the parliament. It is full of nincompoops, baring a few. Dire actions are needed at the moment.
Me Lord if this scribe has hurt the feelings of the honorable judges or any contempt of court committed , then an unconditional apology is submitted. I know the judges are all honorable till they are the judge.
Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management. He can be reached at khawar.m.haroon@gmail.com