Another Cyclone Maha develops in Arabian Sea to follow Kyarr


KARACHI: Another Cyclonic Storm Maha has developed in the South East Central Arabian Sea while the Cyclone Kyarr still present in the sea.

A spokesman  has informed that the deep depression previously located over the South-east Arabian Sea has rapidly intensified into a Cyclonic Storm ‘Maha’ on Wednesday and lay centered at 2000 PST of 30 October 2019 around Latitude 9.0°N and Longitude 74.1°E.

Tropical Cyclone Maha is likely to track northwest wards and intensify more as severe cyclonic storm (SCS) during next 24 hours, Pakistan Meteorological Department said.

Cyclone Maha was located near Lakshadweep in Indiaa’s south on Thursday morning. It was reported to be in 300 km west-southwest of Kozhikode in Kerala.

Moreover, tropical cyclone Kyarr is now downgraded to a tropical storm with a wind speed range from 55 to 63 knots, according to an alert of Oman’s Public Authority for Civil Aviation.

“It continues its movement to the western south direction along the coasts of South Sharqiah, Al Wusta and Dhofar,” the statement added.

Kyarr is the name given by Myanmar’s meteorological department to the Cyclone Kyarr and it means “tiger” in the Burmese language.

The cyclone on the move in the Arabian Sea, is Maha, a name decided by Oman’s Met Office, and the tropical cyclone to be formed after Maha would be known as Bulbul, a name given by Pakistan.