Working on lawmaking to use seized drugs as herbal products: Shehryar Afridi


ISLAMABAD: Anti-Narcotics Minister Shehryar Khan Afridi said on Wednesday that while a suicide bomber targets 200 people, the drug mafia targets the whole youth.

Speaking at a drug destruction ceremony organised by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), Afridi, the event’s chief guest, said he was aware that crystal methamphetamine, more popularly known by its street name, ice, and other drugs would be used on New Year’s Night.

The ANF destroyed 554 kilogrammes worth of heroine, 1,591kg of hashish, 616kg of opium, and 117,225 bottles of wine, as well as morphine injections and cocaine.

“We are working on lawmaking to have the seized drugs properly used in herbal products,” the minister noted.

The ANF’s commander, Brigadier Khalid Mehmood Goraya, said the state institutions and the civil society would have to work together in the jihad against drugs.

Separately, two-drug sellers were sentenced to death, while 21 handed a life sentence and 341 convicted for drug-related cases, the attendees were told.