Prince Harry and Meghan to buy a house in Los Angeles


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took the world by surprise last month after they announced their decision to step down as seniors from the royal family and make their own living.

The couple henceforth left England and is currently staying in Canada.

However, a source recently told celebrity website TMZ that the couple is currently in search of a good property deal in Meghan’s hometown, Los Angeles and planning to settle in US for good.

Now that the couple is no longer with the royal family, it makes sense for them to move to LA considering the former actress has her mother and friends living in the city who will act as a support system for the royal couple and their 9-month-old son, the sources said.

The source also said that the couple is ‘taking extreme measures to ensure their privacy in the mansion’ for their meanwhile stay in Vancouver, Canada.

Meghan and Prince Harry are reported to have installed cameras and traps all outside their mansion, according to multiple reports.

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